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The TDB-project
Turbo-DataBase (TDB) is a synonym to 16 years of continuous database - development. Originally the software was created in the series of CHIP - special (by Vogel Verlag) as a database - toolbox for Pascal - developers in sourcecode. As time passed the Turbo-Database developed into a fully relational, networking database - system for DOS. The program was distributed by Vogel Verlag (CHIP) and counted 40.000 (!) registered users!

The end of the DOS - era began with the release of "The Turbo Database for Windows", which evolved from a cooperation between engine - hacker Ulrich Kern and the software - forge Pohmann & Partner. These days the TDB for Windows is named "Visual Data Publisher" (VDP) and is distributed by TDB Software Service GmbH.

tdbengine as a sole developer's tool for cgi internet-applications is a project on its own by Ulrich Kern in cooperation with Till Schwalm, (CLS Verlagsbüro), who attended the tdb-project from its birth to now.

The timetable of TDB in an overview:

1985 TDB (Source)

Expandable database-toolbox for pascal-developers in sourcecode.

1987 TDB-2 (Source)

Database with input form and menu-technique in sourcecode.

1988 TDB-3

First commercial version. Sourcecode available separately.

1989/90 TDB-4

Fully relational database-system with innovative automatic file-linking.

1990 TDB-4 1.1

Now inclusive macro-programming ability.

1991/92 TDB-5

Relational database-system, with networking abilities and fully programmable.

1994 TDB 5.5

Numerous Extensions, especially for the programming language "EASY".

1995 TDB for Windows First Windows version
1996 Visual Data Publisher (VDP)

Database authoring-system based on TDB for Windows.

1998 VDP 2.0

VDP 2.0 replaces TDB for Windows.

1997/98 TDB-Engine

Database-engine for internet applications (only for internal use)

1999 tdbengine 6.0

Database-engine and EASY-interpreter/-compiler.

September 2000 tdbengine 6.2.4

Porting to Linux, FreeBSD and Win32.

May 2001 tdbengine 6.2.6

Continuous Extension of EASY, expansion of fulltext-procedures.

March 2002 tdbengine 6.2.7

Besides many new functions the tdbengine is released as freeware now. Simultaneously it is decided to release the tdbengine in the foreseeable future under the GPL license.

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