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EASY support now available for the Eclipse ide

The new ECLIPSE Plugin brings full syntax support for the tdbengine own EASY code. Thus now finally platform-independent developing becomes easily possible.
During the input of programs the code completion as well as the Outline View, in which all procedures contained in the module are listed and directly selectable, help very much.
The integration of the function reference likewise already progressed, so that to each function also a description is showing, if one remains standing with the mouse pointer over it.

ECLIPSE is a free development platform written in JAVA. With it support can be inserted due to the plugin technology for any programming language.  Many Plugins are commercially distributed, in addition, a large number of open source plugins are freely available.
Under you can download the newest version and more exact information about ECLIPSE.

The Tdbengine editor plugin for ECLIPSE is developed by Volker Schulte, a passionated JAVA programmer who likes to work with tdbengine. We are really pleased to be allowed to put to all tdbengine friends here its ingenious tool at the disposal. You can find the current version 0.7 within the download section.
Desires, suggestions and error messages are very welcome by Volker and us and can be written into the forum as long as its own web page still is in the development.

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